Workplace Risk Prevention

Elecnor views the safety and health of all of its employees as a fundamental and essential value. It aims to continue the continuous improvement process governed by Elecnor’s Integrated Management System, helping improve the safety conditions under which employees perform their duties.

This policy’s most important result has been the lowest incident Frequency Index since statistics of this kind started being recorded at Elecnor (1967). The rate recorded in 2013 came to 13, outdoing the company’s previous best of 14.2 set in 2012.

The Frequency Index represents the number of accidents in the workplace resulting in medical leave with respect to total hours worked, in proportion to the number of employees.

Workplace Risk Prevention entails, among others, the following activities:

  • Maintenance and renewal of AENOR certifications pursuant to Standard OHSAS 18.001
  • On-site Internal Prevention Audits
  • Safety inspections and the application of corrective measures where appropriate
  • Ongoing employee training and information
  • Monitoring of subcontracting companies