Souk Tleta desalinisation plant, the largest water transport network in the Maghreb

The aim of this project was the construction of the water transport network from the Souk Tleta desalinisation plant to the distribution network in the Tlemcen region of Algeria.

Thanks to this transport network it has been possible to supply water 24 hours a day to a population which is currently calculated to be some 1 million people. A transport network which will enable the inhabitants of the area to see their drinking water needs covered until 2050.

The supply is guaranteed by the contributions from the Souk Tleta seawater desalinisation plant (with 200,000 m³) and a second plant envisaged in Honaime with a similar amount.

This project meant the creation of 600 temporary jobs and 180 permanent jobs.

The beneficiaries of this infrastructure are the city of Tlemcen, capital of the wilayah and the following municipalities: Marsa Ben M'Hidi, Msirda Fouaga, Bab El Assa, Souk Tleta, Souahlia, Ghazaouet, Tianet, Dar Yaghmourassen, Nedroma, Djebala, Souani, Hammam Boughrara, Maghnia, Sabra, Bouhlou, Sidi M'djahed, Beni Boussaïd, Beni Mester and Ouled Riah.

The Souk-Tleta desalinisation plant started operating in December 2009.


  • A linear pipe of 157 km, DN 1400-150 mm.
  • Six tanks with a capacity of between 500 and 20,000 m³.
  • Five pumping stations.
  • A remote management system.
  • A water pressure regulator.