Osorio Wind Farm, Brazil

One of Elecnor Renewables’ most significant achievements is the wind farm complex in Osorio, in the State of Río Grande do Sul (Brazil), which is the largest one in Latin America.

The technological advance and the modernity of these wind farms is found in both the infrastructure used for the site, as well as the differentiated design of the wind turbines, which were constructed to optimise functionality and capacity, combined with technical efficiency.

With a current power of 300 MW, it consists of three wind farms (Osorio, Sangradouro and Dos Índios), each of which has 75 latest generation wind turbines and an installed power of 50 MW. In all, they produce enough power to supply the annual residential consumption of 650,000 people.

The Osorio Wind Farms are the first project on the American continent in which wind turbines of 2 MW each have been used on 100-meter high concrete towers which support the 70- metre diameter rotors. The 35-meter long blades joined to the rotor, which weigh 5.6 tonnes, are notable for being more efficient in harnessing the wind, as they have a spoiler at the base which allows them to make better use of the wind.

Overall, adding the foundations and towers together, 8.000 tons of steel, were used, more than that used to build the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The project also saw the construction of 25 kilometres of roadway, an electric substation and a 230-kV transmission line of eight kilometres, for transporting the energy produced on the site to the electrical substation. Elecnor also erected a modern and innovative building for the control centre. From here, the whole system is managed with regard to energy produced in the farms.

The human team is vitally important in a project of these characteristics. Almost 60 Brazilian technicians were trained in Europe. Close on 1.000 direct jobs as well as the 5,000 indirect ones involved in the construction were created.

El presidente de la República de Brasil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, accionó el botón de funcionamiento del primer aerogenerador de los parques eólicos de Osorio el 19 de abril de 2006, cuando visitó las obras del proyecto.

The President of the Republic of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, pressed the operating button on the first wind turbine of the Osorio Wind Farms on 19 April 2006, when he visited the project site.

The Osorio Wind Farms position Río Grande do Sul and Brazil on the world map of sustainable development. By producing clean energy, the complex maintains all the productive activities of the place in which it is located, thus preventing yearly emissions of 148,325 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.