Elecnor in the Spanish High-Speed Train (AVE)

One of Elecnor’s most significant milestones over the last 20 years has been its active participation in the Spanish High-Speed Train, specifically in the electrification of the grid.

Elecnor has contributed to the development of a genuinely Spanish technology of overhead lines adapted to speeds of up to 350 km an hour. It has also constructed electrical substations associated to the grid.

Since the beginning of this strategy in 1991, Elecnor has participated in around 2.250 kilometres of electric cabling on the various AVE lines, of which 600 are directly attributable to the company.

The latest jobs of this kind awarded to Elecnor include the 216 kilometres of overhead lines for the Orense-Santiago de Compostela AVE, which started operating at the end of 2011.

As well as electrification, the project also includes the installation of all the associated systems in the Santiago-Orense core, such as tunnel lighting, point heating and energy supply to technical buildings and telecommunication points.

The Spanish High-Speed currently consists of more than 2,700 kilometres of railway grid installed and operating, which places our country among the leading countries in Europe and worldwide.