Solar Power

Elecnor has developed its own unique style of designing and constructing large-scale photovoltaic installations, establishing a Spanish market benchmark.

What’s more, the experience and pioneering nature of its photovoltaic subsidiary Atersa turn Elecnor into one of the companies with the greatest capacity for manufacturing all the components and equipment required to set up solar electric systems, albeit stand-alone or linked to the grid.

In the field of photovoltaic energy, the company has participated in projects totalling over 250 MW, including solar power plants in Las Magasconas (Trujillo, Cáceres), Hoya de los Vicentes (Jumilla, Murcia), Olmedilla (Olmedilla de Alarcón, Cuenca), Guadarranque (Cadiz), Arroyo de San Serván (San Serván, Badajoz), Lorca (Murcia), Zuera (Saragossa), Mauritania and United States.

Elecnor has also burst into the solar thermal market, as it has the technical and financial capacity necessary to tackle the design, supply, construction, start-up, operation and maintenance of thermoelectric solar power plants based on parabolic cylinder collector technology. A prime example is the construction of three 50 MW thermoelectric plants, two of which are in Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real) and one in Badajoz.

The combination of Elecnor’s own capacities, together with those of the sector’s technological and engineering companies with which Elecnor maintains cooperation agreements, makes it one of the benchmark EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) service providers in the industry.