Energy Maintenance and Efficiency

Elecnor offers customised solutions for the provision of technical, commercial and ancillary services in the field of public services: electricity, communications, gas, water and installations. Thus, it provides its customers global and flexible coverage, ensuring their installations and processes operate at optimal level.

Elecnor employs a tried and tested team that performs comprehensive maintenance services for hospitals, business complexes, shopping centres, office buildings, city halls, airports, thermal power stations, nuclear power stations, wind farms, solar plants, factories and universities.

Services include:

  • Technical assistance
  • Administrative support
  • Network operations
  • Installation and equipment maintenance
  • Live working
  • Customer management

Furthermore, Elecnor is active in the energy efficiency sector as an energy service company (ESC), allowing the company to roll out efficiency measures that reduce energy costs by up to 50%.

Elecnor is a certified ESC which means it can develop various energy efficiency projects either at public lighting installations in towns as well as in the tertiary and industrial sector. In those public lighting projects where Elecnor is an ESC, it is responsible for the financing, energy management, maintenance and total guarantee over the life of the concession or the mixed supply and service contract.