Remote Sensing

In this area, Elecnor Deimos distinguishes itself from all other satellite imaging providers thanks to its reduced delivery times due to the vertical integration of the processing and service chain.

In this field, Elecnor Deimos is responsible for operating and commercialising the Deimos-1, satellite, the first private European company satellite. The Deimos-1 transmits high resolution images to Earth; images used in environmental management, precision agriculture and the struggle against climate change. The Deimos-1 satellite is capable of collecting up to 5 million square metres of images per day.

Following the success of Deimos-1, the programme Deimos-2, an extremely high resolution satellite (1m), will be launched soon. Thus, Elecnor Deimos will integrate the flight segment from installations specially constructed for the project in Puertollano, Ciudad Real. The launch is scheduled for the final quarter of 2013.