Elecnor Concessions

Elecnor’s experience in building and operating infrastructures, in addition to its rising financial capacity, prompted the company a few years back to enter the concessions markets related to its areas of business. An initiative primarily focused on the environment and electric power transmission systems.

In the latter field, Elecnor is involved in 13 transmission system concessions in Brazil, Peru and Chile.

Just as steadfast is Elecnor’s commitment to becoming a benchmark investor in energy generation projects, diversifying its renewable energy portfolio through solar photovoltaic and thermoelectric energy projects. In this field, Elecnor is developing 3 50 MW thermosolar plants: Astexol, located within Badajoz city limits, and the Aste 1A and Aste 1B plants, both 50 MW, located in Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real), in which the company is majority shareholder.

As far as the environment is concerned, Elecnor is the concessionaire of various projects to construct and operate water treatment plants. A prime example is the numerous contracts the Government of Aragon has awarded to construct and operate 19 water treatment plants.